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Home of all things luxury.

A Philly based, small black owned luxe accessory company. Here at 3rdeyeluxebrand we offer not only luxury items at an affordable price, but also a luxury experience with every purchase.

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  • Stack your Jewels

    Learn to pair your jewelry together for unique looks. Always Remember if you have on Gaudy pieces, pair it with a few dainty pieces to balance everything out. check out our IG @3rdeyeluxebrand for more styling pics.

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  • Choosing the perfect ring

    Choosing the perfect ring depends on your style. For everyday wear, simple eternity bands are perfect! For wedding ring styles, check out the Nobu Ring.

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  • Luxury Clutches

    All of our luxe cluthes comes in a black, satin pillow box for safe and easy storage. Each clutch is carefully wraped and also comes with extra crystals if some ever need to be replaced.

    Luxe Clutches 

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